walking Mar18th 2021

7 Tips to Make Exercise More Enjoyable

Hate to Exercise? If exercising just isn’t your thing, you are not alone! Just the word “exercise” can turn people off an activity immediately. But exercise doesn’t have to mean sweating bullets until every muscle is exhausted. It can be simple, daily activities just as long as you get moving. Here are 7 tips to

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5 Benefits To Stretching Before Mar10th 2021

5 Benefits To Stretching Before and After You Exercise

At our physical therapy clinic, we notice an interesting trend with a lot of our active patients: they go to the gym regularly, but they largely neglect stretching and mobility work. Do you make time to go to the gym a few times per week? If so, you should certainly commend yourself for your efforts,

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Feb20th 2021

Wondering How You Can Reduce Your Joint Pain and Improve Your Mobility? Try Physical Therapy

It’s true that as we all age, our joints very plainly are not what they used to be. Joint pain can occur for several reasons, such as a previous injury that has limited your motion or the general “wear and tear” of osteoarthritis that typically comes with age. Whatever the case may be, physical therapy

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