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Patient Testimonials

  • When I started PT it was painful to move my neck and I had constant back pain. Now my neck movement is above normal and my back pain is gone. Thanks!

    - C.T.
  • Many thanks to the team of folks that worked with me to work on eliminating pain and regaining range of motion after my injury. Staff was great and pleasant to work with. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks so much.

    - S.S.
  • I had been bothered by upper back pain for several years/never so severe that I had done anything about it, but chronically annoying. I came to TherapyWorks and the causes of the pain (postural issues) were identified, and a combination of massage, ultrasound, and exercise succeeded in eliminating the pain entirely. I’m not sure I really thought it could be done, but thanks to skilled professional help – and a caring approach – all goals were achieved.

    - D.B.
  • I came to the Wellness Center via Physical Therapy at TherapyWorks. I already knew many of the staff when I started working out. They were helpful, friendly and provided a safe environment in which I feel quite comfortable. Since starting at the Wellness Center about 16 months ago, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in my fitness. I have more endurance, stamina, and strength. I have the confidence to try new things as well. My friends tell me I even walk differently. My first garden workout this spring was a bit easier, too. And the problem that first brought me in for therapy is now much improved.

    - N.S.
  • I’ve been a Wellness Member continuously since November 2007. I stress “continuously” as this has been the only “gym” membership that I have stuck with. Why? The staff is friendly, helpful, and encouraging. Also, being older and less in shape, being a member of TherapyWorks Wellness Center is not as intimidating as being around the members of some of the larger gyms. I have increased my stamina and my strength, noticing a large increase in my daily activities.

    - J.V.
  • Working out at a gym can be very expensive so I workout at TherapyWorks because it is very affordable. All of the people are really nice.

    - L.F.
  • I came to Acceleration to improve my running skills. Surprisingly I left a completely different person, and not to mention an athlete! I have more drive as well as all-around motivation in everything that I do. There were times when I did not think I’d be able to keep pushing and keep running at Acceleration, but with the kind and encouraging words from James, I was able to accomplish as well as finish anything. Acceleration doesn’t just improve your body’s shape physically, but emotionally as well. Giving you immense drive to push through anything & everything life throws at you! Thanks James!

    - A.S.
  • I turned 50 this winter and decided I needed to get into better shape to climb Long’s Peak this summer. It had been years since I tried to run and was never very good at it. My kids had been through the Acceleration Program and were touting its benefits. I was a bit apprehensive but working with James has been even better than I’d hoped for. He has given me very practical tips to improve my running techniques and is always positive and supportive. After 4 weeks I feel stronger, faster, and am more motivated to work out on days I’m not doing Acceleration. Thanks, James!

    - K.P.