Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s Palsy and integrated care

At TherapyWorks, our physical therapists can help your child overcome the symptoms of Erb’s Palsy, so they can get back on their correct developmental track. Daily stretches and exercises can help maintain range of motion in the affected limb and can help to increase strength and functionality. 

According to Physiopedia, some of the most effective methods of treatment for Erb’s Palsy include:

  • Activities and exercises to promote recovery of movement and muscle strength
  • Exercises to maintain range of movement in the joints to prevent stiffness and pain
  • Sensory stimulation to promote increased awareness of the arm
  • Provision of splints to prevent secondary complications and maximise function
  • Educating parents on appropriate handling and positioning of the child and home exercises to maximise the child’s potential for recovery
  • Constraint induced movement therapy may be useful
  • Electrical Stimulation may be beneficial
  • Referral to Occupational Therapy for assessment of function in day to day activities

Help your child regain their strength

Our therapy team at TherapyWorks can help your child with Erb’s Palsy.  If interested in learning more, feel free to consult with one of our licensed therapists. For more information, Contact Us Today at Lawrence, KS Center.