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A woman suffers from a headache Jun3rd 2021

8 Ways to Get Rid of Your Headache

There is no one “cure-all” to get rid of your headache because headaches have many different causes, but there are a few techniques that are effective for most headaches. If you have a headache, start with these strategies. For Short-Term Relief: 1. Drink plenty of water There is no exact amount recommended by the Centers

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yard work, gardening, outdoors Apr2nd 2021

Protect Your Knees and Back from Injury While Doing Yardwork

With the weather getting warmer and our yards needing attention, it seems fitting to discuss some ways to keep our knees and back safe and pain-free while doing work outside. Gardening Many of us enjoy gardening! Who doesn’t love a colorful, lively and weed-free garden? Unfortunately, weeding and planting can be a real pain in

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walking Mar18th 2021

7 Tips to Make Exercise More Enjoyable

Hate to Exercise? If exercising just isn’t your thing, you are not alone! Just the word “exercise” can turn people off an activity immediately. But exercise doesn’t have to mean sweating bullets until every muscle is exhausted. It can be simple, daily activities just as long as you get moving. Here are 7 tips to

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