Why wall squats

Aug22nd 2019

Squatting is an activity that most of us do in our everyday life, whether it’s to pick something up from the floor, to sit down, or for some other more advanced activity. However, there are some of us out there who may have trouble squatting. This can be due to tightness in the hamstrings causing

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Stretching Aug22nd 2019

Stretching before and after exercise

Before exercise, perform DYNAMIC stretches. Dynamic means movement. This type of stretching is going to warm up the muscles to avoid injury. Some examples: high knees, butt kicks, walking high kicks/soldier kicks, arm circles, arm swings. After exercise, perform STATIC stretches. These are stretches that you hold for 20-30 sec. Since your muscles are already

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tech neck Aug22nd 2019

How to prevent and treat “tech neck”

Nearly everywhere you go you see people – young and old – with some type of electronic device in their hand, a phone, tablet, or other computer device. You’ll see these people in a similar position – slumped shoulders with their head forward/down. Interested in the next social media craze or lost in scrolling, these

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