Feeling Morning Aches and Pains Apr20th 2021

Feeling Morning Aches and Pains? Physical Therapy Can Treat The Cause of Your Problem

If you wake up feeling achy and sore, it can really put a damper on your mood. This is not a good way to start your day. You probably have made excuses for your pain, such as “I slept on my neck wrong,” or “I’m just getting older — this is to be expected.” However,

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5 Benefits of Physical Therapy For Hip and Knee Pain Apr10th 2021

5 Benefits of Physical Therapy For Hip and Knee Pain

Have you noticed your hips and knees are in pain when you wake up or go to bed? Are the activities you do between sunrise and sunset impacted by chronic hip and knee joint dysfunction? Struggling with this kind of condition can severely hinder your ability to go about your daily normal routine. Thankfully, there

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yard work, gardening, outdoors Apr2nd 2021

Protect Your Knees and Back from Injury While Doing Yardwork

With the weather getting warmer and our yards needing attention, it seems fitting to discuss some ways to keep our knees and back safe and pain-free while doing work outside. Gardening Many of us enjoy gardening! Who doesn’t love a colorful, lively and weed-free garden? Unfortunately, weeding and planting can be a real pain in

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