7 Tips to Make Exercise More Enjoyable

walking Mar18th 2021

Hate to Exercise? If exercising just isn’t your thing, you are not alone! Just the word “exercise” can turn people off an activity immediately. But exercise doesn’t have to mean sweating bullets until every muscle is exhausted. It can be simple, daily activities just as long as you get moving. Here are 7 tips to make exercise less threatening and more enjoyable.

1. Listen to music or an audiobook

Listen to music or an audiobook while walking or working out to make activities more enjoyable. Sometimes the distraction will help you increase your heart rate or exercise longer.

2. Get a buddy

Planning activities with a friend will help you stick to the plan and get you more motivated. Instead of chatting over coffee, go for a walk together or do some stretches. Pre-workout mobility also prepares your body for exercise. It will also help you safely reach your desired workout intensity quicker since you’ll be able to start a workout already warmed up and ready to go.

3. Go window shopping

If you’re already making a trip to the store or downtown, plan some extra time to take an extra lap around or park a little farther away.

4. Try a new exercise class

Try a new exercise class or fitness center, even if it’s a video from home. There are lots of options for yoga, tai chi, dancing, HIIT, and many more!

5. Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself to walk the golf course instead of using a cart.

6. Feeling stressed, go for a walk

If you’re feeling stressed, try going for a walk, run, or cycle. Exercising can help relieve stress and clear your head. You’ll think and feel a lot better when you’re done.

7. Take your dog for a walk

Take your dog for walk or a game of fetch. If you don’t have a dog, you can walk with a neighbor who has one or volunteer at a local shelter or rescue group.

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